Start by undressing yourself. You can keep your underpants and your socks on. Then step into the felt boots that the VACUSAC therapist has made ready for you.

The VACUSAC therapist will now pull a cotton bag up around your body and fasten it with Velcro tape.

Around your body is then placed a blanket made from a special air-penetrable felt. The blanket is held in position by means of a ribbon of Velcro tape placed around your hips. You can ease the work of the VACUSAC therapist by holding the blanket in position while the ribbon is being placed.

The airtight VACUSAC bag is now pulled up around the felt blanket and fastened tight with Velcro tape. The bag has built in valves through which the air can be evacuated.

The VACUSAC therapist will now roll the specially designed couch up to your back. The couch is constructed in such a way that it takes a minimum of effort to tilt it, even with a heavy person.

Lean back as you are tilted to a horizontal position. Tell the VACUSAC therapist how you want the headpiece adjusted so that you feel it being most comfortable.

Then put your arms into the special arm-bags with a built in felt layer and suction vaives. The bags will be fastened with Velcro tape and you are now ready for treatment.

The VACUSAC therapist will now place the suction tubes into the valves in the body bag and the arm bags. Different levels of vacuum will be applied to the arms and the body.

The chosen treatment is then programmed into the electronic control system. The VACUSAC therapist is trained to design individual programs in order to give you maximum benefit.

Finally the VACUSAC therapist can place a number of suction cups on lymph glands and muscles on the front and back of your shoulders, and all you have to do is to relax and feel how your body is restored with new strengih and energy.

Ralaxing during the full treatment
(20 minutes).


Vacusac Cups are very different from the known chinese cup-settings !
The Vacusac Cup system offers a funcionality combining negative and positive pressure.

Examples of local cup treatment can be viewed beneath:

Legs Hand

Spine treatment

Back treatment

Back treatment Back treatment

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